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Maximilian Bech – Art

MB-Art is a product and design label created by the artist Maximilian Bech. The focus of the work is the combination of art, craftsmanship and design.MB-Art stands for exclusive sculptures, furniture, furnishings, tools and much more.

The emerging tasks and challenges during the process of the making are solved by techniques of sculpting, carpentry, locksmithery, welding technology, toolmaking and precision mechanics. The combination of craftsmanship, creative ideas and a technical background, allows MB-Art to leave the boundaries of the individual disciplines behind and to break new ground. In terms of materials, shapes and sizes, there are virtually no limits apart from the physical ones.

The preferred materials include wood, steel, non-ferrous metals and leather. The high-quality wood used for the work comes from regional and sustainable managed forest. It is often directly cut by chainsaw in the forest or acquired at local sawmills. The oils used for the surface finishes are food safe and free from harmful substances. In the entire process of making and selecting the materials, sustainability plays an important role. Great care is taken to keep the ecological footprint of the resulting object as low as possible.

It is generally possible to place the objects in the outdoor area, but for the long term this is only recommendable for certain woods, material combinations and surface treatments. MB-Art will be pleased to advise you on questions and possibilities.